Equib Planning were commissioned by Costain to convert the tender programme to a Clause 31 and subsequent Clause 32 programmes on this NEC Target Cost Contract.


The A444 is one of the busiest routes in Coventry. Whitley Junction between the A444 and the A4114 is a main commuter route into Coventry. Traffic flow was often heavy and the Local Authority employed Costain Ltd to carry out improvements to the junction.


Equib Planning converted the tender programme into a Clause 31 and subsequently into a Clause 32 programme on this NEC Target Cost contract. The new bridge and junction remodelling involved detailed planning around new constraints introduced post tender including access and traffic management. Revised phasing drawings were produced and the scheme reprogrammed.
The early constraints were accommodated within the overall duration of the original programme and Compensation Events were modelled showing the additional works and time savings. As further changes and delays occurred, each time-related Compensation Event was modelled and narratives produced so that the client could understand the effect of change on the programme.