The £34M A43 Corby Link Road scheme included the construction of four miles (6.5km) of dual carriageway between the A6003 and Stanion roundabout, three new over- bridges and new culverts for Northampton County Council.


Construction of a new four leg roundabout on the A6003, allowing access to the west side of Corby via the A6003 and a minor road heading east towards Geddington. The A43 Corby Link Road generally runs north-east to south-west following the Kettering to Manton Railway line for approximately half its length. It links the existing A43 from Lincoln to the A6003 and the A14 and improves access from the east side of Corby to Kettering and the wider highway network.


We were appointed by the main Contractor, Interserve to modify the original tender programme into a Cl31 contract programme. Further planning support involved monitoring the contract programme based on site progress (Cl32 programmes) and demonstrating the programme effect of any site changes (Compensation Events and Early Warnings), so that the Contractor and Client could be fully informed of any revised Contract Completion Date and respond appropriately.